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Peace Day 2014

Lynne may not be with us this year, but she will always be in hearts. A lady who dedicated her life towards attaining world peace. I made a promise to her that I would try to keep her dreams alive, and I fully intend to redevelop this site to carry it into the future.

My views are different to hers, but I'd still like to see the same dream in my lifetime. I won't touch on the problems in this world today, we see them on TV every day.

I don't know how to fix the world, but I know where to start. I can influence my immediate surroundings. In fact, as an individual, you reach far further in an instant with your digital bubble, than people ever could in the past.

You can influence a great many people and see the results of your actions very quickly. If everyone does this, there will be a global shift, which is what Lynne believed in. If everyone does the same thing, if one person makes another person happy, there's a good chance they will pass on that positive energy to the next.

Be friendly, that's all there is too it. Even when things go wrong, don't point the finger, which we so often do. Try to be a solution, show empathy, picture yourself in that persons shoes, did they intend for it to go wrong, or was just random chance. It also doesn't mean you can't be angry, frustration and anger are good, they will give you direction, you just gotta hope there's someone who's gonna show you the understanding you need in that moment.

I'd like to see every child being able to follow their dreams, and live the lives they choose, honest governments, elected by the choice of people. With everyone employed, working towards creating a world with opportunity for everyone. The world is getting smaller, we have the internet to thank for that, hopefully through global collaboration and discussion and a focus on solving problems, humanity can work together to build a better future for everyones benefit, not just the individual.

I don't know what Lynne would of said on this day, I can't hope to fill those shoes. But let's all have a good day, be nice to others, and take time for youself to reflect on whether you can make something that's a challenge or frustration currently, into something better. If we all do that, we'll be living in a better world.

Why not check out the Facebook Page


Or better yet, sign the roster and have your voice counted.

Happy Peace Day Everyone.

David Hazelden






PEACE in OUR Lifetime is a Planting Seeds & The Kind Foundation Initiative www.planting-seeds.com 




Download A3 A4 A5 Poster

With and inside a collaboration to raise awareness of The International Day of Peace

We are Counting to One Billion Voices for  Nature ~ Humanity ~ Environment. C2009 ~ Present

Newly, Joining us this year are  4YG_logo_small dark-background_128x88-2.jpg and THE CHOPRA FOUNDATION

A Meditation for PEACE, with Deepak Chopra will be available on 21st September 2013


WELCOME to Creating and Building PEACE in OUR Lifetime together!

"We're all unique and see the world differently and yet,

we are ONE VOICE standing together for Peace"


  ADD Your Voice and Download 'Your Free Personalised Peace Certificate, like this one' here




Peace in our life time logo.jpg

~ * ~


We invite you to Join us for Peace Day 2013 –  


The time.. IS NOW .. On International Day of Peace / Peace One Day ceasefire.. Thank someone for acts of peace all tear in your life to celebrate ♥

wishing you peace in your heat today and everyday with nature, each other and all we share this gorgeous planet with. 

Who You might thank...

 On Peace Day, 21st Sep ~ We invite YOU to ...

 Thank SOMEONE in your life, the fireman, the nurse or doc who saved your life? Carers? Teachers, Friends, Community support networks.



 You can thank someone in your Family, Community, Charity, Organisation (local or globally)




If you are a charity or business for good, why not thank everyone for their support and share the outcomes of what you have all collectively achieved this last year for peace for Nature, Environment or Humanity. (Donations or Volunteering = acts of peace )



 Join a World Peace Prayer at 12 Noon (local time) and join the official UN observance of peace day.






 To Add Your Voice for Peace, and others by Collecting Your very OWN Personalized PEACE CERTIFICATE from our site http://peaceinourlifetime.org/ They are FREE - *No email or reg needed. Find a whole World of Learning for Your Peace.









 LIVE grass-roots MUSIC, chat, join a Global Meditation with Deepak Chopra on http://peaceday.tv





 Visit Peace in OUR Lifetime Website and find out more and links to all organizations standing with us who founded this official Day. The Global Truce 2013 and how this includes you. Links to all our Facebook pages.

Why not have your own "Global United Party for PEACE"


 By Inviting your friends around to your house or even an event in the community. What about your whole city? You can Create thus same event on YOUR Facebook profile, social media communities or blog and use it to raise awareness of Your work for peace, kindness.




 We Invite You to MAKE a GRATITUDE Video which you can share it with your friends and we can put on our Facebook Page. We may even feature it on our Youtube channel. This is how to make one: http://www.trunity.net/PIOLT/topics/view/48803/

Your video and photo contributions will be shared across the globe and INSPIRE a new generation of peace makers. Why not

Upload them to our Facebook pages and your social network profiles?


 Get Your School involved and play our Peace Day - 1 hr fun, Education Assembly- get them dancing the Gratitude Dance! More below underser schools!


To shift people’s attention to the difference we’re all making, thus reigniting the spirit of contribution. People will have no doubt about the difference that funding and donations have accomplished. This will restore faith in the good work being done. With the knowledge it works, people will contribute more time and money because they can actually see measurable results.


Wishing You, Peace in Your Heart today and Everyday,

Be part of this celebration,

International Day of Peace´╗┐ / Peace One Day´╗┐


Wishing You, Peace in Your Heart today and Everyday,


As part of this celebration,

We ask You to also arrange a party, musical event, fair, gathering, small or large from lighting a candle to time with your family, or simply take a moment to sit in nature and with all that you love with your friends. We also ask you to consider how you can bring peace to your life now. You can register your event on The offical Peace Day UN Website here: www.internationaldayofpeace.org

The International Day of Peace was put on the UN Agenda as an Official Day in 1981 led by Avon Mattison. This community, Culture of Peace along with Pathways to Peace have been working tirelessly for 30yrs now. People in pretty much every country being seeds for peace that has brought this simple message to the world. "May Peace Prevail on Earth". The official Observance of The International Day of Peace in Cities all around the world is ONE MINUTE SILENCE at Noon. You can join the Wave of Love and peace where ever you are and get your CITY or Town involved too. 

Then in 2001, the launch of Peace One Day's initiative brought a ceasefire to the table which is now happens in realtiy in war zones too since, happens each September 21st .Now known as Global Truce.

The intention by all organisations involved in Peace Day is a uniting, together to create the largest reduction of global violence ever recorded on one day  – a world record.

So Global Truce 2013 is to be part of the largest ever gathering of individuals in the name of peace. On this DAY, in 2007 in Afghanistan, through the efforts of Peace One Day, 1.4 million children were immunised for Polio. Since then where Peace Day agreements have led to the vaccination against polio of 4.5 million children in recent years.. We wish people to be aware of this and the great work of all our partners and indivduals work for peace. We will honour the part of humanity that is working towards harmony with others, creating a better world and thank the extraordinary stand billions of people will take this day to allow a peaceful planet to pause and let love and peace grow. This day, we step beyond cultural boundaries, race and religion in partnership - in your homes, communities and our countries hold hands and bring peace for one day.

Please Join us and ADD YOUR voice and collect Your FREE personalised PEACE Certificate below, or click HERE  

*optional mailing list.   * No Email or Registration required .. totally free.    

Most humbly with love

      Lynne Hazelden   &    Marcia Kearl Johnson

Voice 0,000,000,001                 Voice 0,000,001,294



We are Supporting www.peaceoneday.org


Make A Commitment  CLICK HERE



Dowload Your *FREE  Peace Certificate with your voice counted in the middle!
* NO email or registration needed!

Join the Nobel Laureates ~ Global Call to Action ~ A Billion Simple Acts of PEACE

To Join PeaceJAM

or Find out More ~ Listen Here

 gwt logo-1.jpeg

To sign the GOODWILL Treaty and Nominate someone for a Peace Prize.

Find out more:  HERE


International day of peace logo.

      International Day of PEACE            Founding Community since 1982

   Find WORLDwide Events you can         join  near you HERE!




"We're all unique and see the world differently and yet,
we are ONE VOICE standing together for Peace"


JOIN our
"Global United Party for PEACE"
 PeaceDaytv logo.jpg
Join 22 million people Connecting and Watching this and hundreds more events...
LIVE STREAMING from all over the world
~ * ~
                   We invite You to Mark, Create and Take a STAND Globally for PEACE. To Celebrate with us together FREELY & UNIQUELY as ONE VOICE in Your Own Way ~The Global Ceasefire between All United Nations Countries. To acknowledge All people who bring peace to the world, this day. 


In support of


Extraordinary work! 

To Establish a New Era of PEACE. 
WE ARE All Uniting and Inviting All People 
 WE are creating this Global United Party on September 21st as a time and place to Celebrate all that is for peace. We wish to thank each person for the unseen work which you do everyday and the extraordinary kindness, compassion and love that YOU bring to world, sometimes in the face of very difficult and challenging circumstances. To acknowledge all that you do independently in your own life. collectively within groups, organizations, NGO's and business which brings our world into alignment for Harmony restoring dignity for Humanity and all we share this gorgeous planet with.

"We Declare A Day of Thanks & Gratitude"

 As part of this celebration, we ask You to also arrange a party, musical event, fair, gathering, small or large from lighting a candle to time with your family, or simply take a moment to sit in nature and with all that you love with your friends. We also ask you to consider how you can bring peace to your life now.
On this DAY, in 2007 in Afghanistan, through the efforts of Peace One Day, 1.4 million children were immunised for Polio. We wish people to be aware of this and the great work of all our partners and indivduals work for peace. We will honour the part of humanity that is working towards harmony with others, creating a better world and thank the extraordinary stand billions of people will take this day to allow a peaceful planet to pause and let love and peace grow. This day, we step beyond cultural boundaries, race and religion in partnership - in your homes, communities and our countries hold hands and bring peace for one day.

We will be announcing musical events around the world with artistes for peace which you can watch live on the internet from key locations that we have created to bring song to our hearts. We invite all musicians, artistes and peace makers to create events where people can celebrate this incredible day. We invite you to add Your Voice, uniting all causes, all people, all cultures, nations, all beliefs and Non-belief and Be counted. Please collect and post your very own personalized, free Peace Voice certificate as an acknowledgment of your stand for peace. Why not post your peace certificate on your website / blog? Or, take to a local printing company and wear it on a T-shirt.


Especially PEACE ONE DAY
For this Day of PEACE
Founded by peace pioneer Jeremy Gilley
Who is PEACE in OUR Lifetime,
Voice 0,000,000,278

WE are ONE VOICE for  

Nature ~ Humanity ~ Environment   

Lynne Hazelden     (Founder) Peace in OUR Lifetime
Voice 0,000,000,001

Dawn Engle             (Co- Founder)
Peace Jam 
Voice 0,000,000,780

Bryant McGill        (Founder) GoodWill Treaty
Voice 0,000,006,260

Marcia Johnson
           (President) Eaupening
Voice 0,000,001,274







Schools around the Globe are  invited to play our video and we have a HOUR LONG video you can play bringing

Education, Learning about Gratitude, Music and DANCE.


We have a number of schools planning this.. more info to come on where and who.. check back


CONTACT MARCIA JOHNSON - Co-Founder and SCHOOLS Co-ordinator on fb here


SCHOOLS showing our Main Peace DAY of Gratitue & Thanks Video on PEACE DAY


Hopefully live streamed onto PeaceDay TV to over 3 Million Viewers as part of a GLOBAL Wave from every TIME ZONE in the world!

Watch this space for more info



~ * ~
Peace in OUR Lifetime wish to thank all Artists from 2009  & 2011
   Ricardo Garcia Band  John Young.jpg     Offical Aldo picture.jpeg
                    Tony Moore     Ricardo Garcia        John Young      Xander Nichting      Reis  & Aldo Brizzi                                  
      htr byhttp-_www.waynemcconnellphotography.com_.jpg       dave newton.jpg      twospotgobi-beach     Tony red_edited-3.jpg  Joe and Nev tweak.jpg
Heather Cairncross     David Newton     Two Spot Gobi          Tony Lowe          Joe Cang
janette murp 2.jpg  Pat Orchard Photo 1.jpg     altino bro.jpg        rock solomon.jpg       teague.
Jeanette Murphy   Pat Orchard      Altino  Brothers    Rock Solomon         Teague
                                                                              USA 2010 Event Artists:  


Event Co-ordinator:  




PJ-Logo-Banner.jpg Peace Jam

Our Co-Partners for the "Global United Party for Peace"

Peace Jam YOUTH known as "JAMMER's Host their Own Event for Peace JAM in Boulder near Denver Head Office:

Along with Many Youth "Jammer's" all over the world, who also put on 'Peace Jam' inspired Peace Day Events.


Betty WIlliams, one of the 10 PEACE JAM Nobel Laureates said of Our Partnership 

Betty Williams, Nobel Laureate  ~ "I encourage everyone around the globe to recognize and celebrate International Day of Peace on September 21st. This is a day to honor all of those groups and people who work for peace everyday, all year long. I am a member of the PeaceJam Foundation and we are excited to be supporting Peace In Our Lifetimes' "Global United Parties for Peace" in cities around the world and the United Nation's annual global cease fire. Until everyday is Peace Day, it is important that we do all we can to create a safe and just world -- we owe this to children across the globe."


BETTY WILLIAMS is Acknowledged & Featured in the Amazing Nickleback's Video below  ~ Please Watch this!


Please VISIT The Nobel Laureates PEACEJAM Initiative website





home mini banner

Peace In Our Lifetime


PEACE in OUR Lifetime is a Planting Seeds & The Kind Foundation Initiative www.planting-seeds.com   Counting to One Billion Voices for  Nature ~ Humanity ~ Environment. C2009 - present ADD  YOUR VOICE  and collect your FREE peace certificate

( * no email or registrations required)

click>> here..



"We're all unique and see the world differently,
and yet we are one voice standing together for peace

This banner has been created so one billion people can actually be counted standing together for peace - to see if we can make a real difference in the real world. Why one billion? This figure is more than ten percent of the whole population - which quantum scientists say will create a shift in consciousness. It is said that if we did this, something will change, or at least life will never be the same. Wiser people than me have said that, if we all stand together beyond the justifications, doubts, desires and all reasons that separate us, then we can cause a shift in mass consciousness....this seems unreasonable - lets test the theory, stop talking about it and find out the reality! Many people here and in the world are all working to bring peace to the planet. We are now colliding in our intentions. We should realise that it has to be beyond one person's vision or project. It will require every ONE of us to speak together. No matter who we are, change begins with us - YOU - the person reading this.

PEACE will bring not only an END to WAR, but to POVERTY and HUNGER too. Peace in our hearts will find us naturally taking care of our ENVIROMENT, NATURE, all our planet's creatures along with the inhabitants we share this gorgeous earth with. Who am I? - noone, just an ordinary person like you. It has to be this way, a nobody - AND All of us, from All nations, All beliefs and non-beliefs with all those with the power to implement change. However, it will be the 6 billion souls who will have the most power of all - when and if we can stand together in one wish.......for peace.


PeaceDaytv logo.jpg


We are honoured to have our LONDON live music event broadcast on PeaceDayTV via Livestream.

Peace Day Global Broadcast , making Peace Day every day. Our annual highlight event in honor and celebration of theUnited Nations International Day of Peace is on September 21st. Also available to Peace Partners for special peace events throughout the year. - Watch live streaming Internet TV. Broadcast your own live streaming videos, like PeaceDayTV in Widescreen HD. Livestream, Be There.

                                            Watch live streaming video from peacedaytv at livestream.com



 Peace Jam

Register Your project or initiative, big or small on the Nobel Laureates website to bring A Billion simple Acts for peace in service projects to the world. Find out about Programs you can bring to your town anywhere in the world, created by the Nobel Laureates to create the next generation of peacemakers and to bring non violence and peace skills to your Youth ~ from Kindergarten to Teenagers. You can listen to our Interview with co-founder, Nobel Nominee 2007 Dawn Engle and her son Brett Engle  by clicking here 


Please VISIT The Nobel Laureates PEACEJAM Initiative website ~ CLICK HERE! ~

A Billion simple Acts for peace in service projects to the world. 

Find out about Programs you can bring to your town anywhere in the world, created by the Nobel Laureates to create the next generation of peacemakers and to bring non violence and peace skills to your Youth ~ from Kindergarten to Teenagers.

You can listen to Lynne Hazelden Interview with PeaceJAM co-founder, Nobel Nominee 2007 Dawn Engle and her son Brett Engle on Planting Seeds for PEACE Radio CLICK HERE!




Peace One Day

Make You Commitment to the day on their website and find out more about how this Day was created. Find out about the Schools Education packs and programs Peace ONE DAY are bringing to every child in the UK & USA to learn how to create peace in their lives. Please click here

To listen to Lynne Hazelden's Interview with Jeremy Gilley Founder of Peace One Day  on Planting Seeds for PEACE RADIO click ~ HERE



International day of peace logo.

 International Day of Peace

Find out about IDP and all that is going on worldwide. The International Day of Peace ("Peace Day") provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations and nations to create practical acts of peace on a shared date. It was established by a United Nations resolution in 1981 to coincide with the opening of the General Assembly. The first Peace Day was celebrated in September 1982. In 2002 the General Assembly officially declared September 21 as the permanent date for the International Day of Peace.



 Pathways to Peace

The founding and working community of International Day of Peace who work at the UN who connect everyone.  Pathways To Peace (PTP) is an international Peacebuilding, educational, and consulting organization. PTP expands the comprehension and substantive expression of "PEACE" and Peacebuilding practices at all levels. PTP is building a Culture of Peace by uniting and enhancing the strengths of existing organizations and programs along eight paths to Peace. Pathways To Peace (PTP) principle-in-action is: "Acting in concert, we do make a difference in the quality of our lives, our institutions, our environment and our planetary future. Through cooperation, we manifest the essential spirit that unites us amidst our diverse ways." PTP has Consultative Status with the United Nations (ECOSOC), (DPI). PTP was granted official UN Peace Messenger status in 1987. PTP was incorporated in 1983 as a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt, not-for-profit, non-partisan organization. Please visit this extraordinary founding community who pioneered the International Day of Peace.



world prayer soc logo.jpg 


World Peace Prayer

Since 1982 World Peace Prayer have gathered at the Peace Bell and joined the world in a collective global prayer at noon "May Peace Prevail on Earth" We invite you to join in and find out more on their website. Around the world, people will be planting Peace Poles, re-dedicating their Peace Poles, conducting World Peace Prayer Ceremonies, participating in community service projects, and observing the International Day of Peace in service and prayer for peace. You are encouraged to commemorate the day in whatever way you feel appropriate, whether that means organizing a large program with thousands of others, or silently taking a moment for peace by yourself.






Founded by Bryant McGILL, Good Will Ambassador. Nobel Laureate Nominee

The Peace Research Institute and its projects, have been recognized and awarded by the United States Congress with an official Congressional Commendation and, its leadership has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

gwt logo-1.jpeg  SIGN the GOOD WILL TREATY here The Institute's Goodwill Treaty for World Peace, has been signed by over 115,000 individuals from all over the world. Many notable figures have signed onto the project, such as Dr. Gandhi, Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Matt Damon, Her Divine Grace Dadi Janki of the Brahma Kumaris, Ben Affleck, Don Cheadle, Yogi Master Gurmukh Khalsa, Jason Alexander, Snatam Kaur, Montel Williams, Charles Barkley, Dave Mason, Raymond 'Ray' Romano, and many others.



Culture of PEACE

The Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI) is a co-operative Peacebuilding Initiative to unite the strengths of existing organizations, projects and peoples in building a Culture of Peace for future generations. CPI serves as a vehicle for bringing to light the previously unseen and unheard Peacebuilders working towards Peace along diverse pathways. Established in 1983, CPI enables global Peacebuilders to instantly network, share inspiration and collaborate on projects and events. Working in partnership with the United Nations, non-governmental organizations, local communities, grassroots organizers, and individuals, CPI unites our voices into a powerful worldwide movement to build a culture of peace,

 Peace Alliance.jpgStudent Peace Alliance.jpg

  The Peace Alliance campaign by The Student Peace Alliance ~ Mobilizing our generation to create and stustain peace.
-An alliance of organizers and advocates throughout the United States taking the work of peacebuilding from the margins of society into the centers of national discourse and policy priorities.  Our network includes volunteer grassroots teams in hundreds of cities, towns, colleges and high school campuses. Join us Dept of PEACE social network
here:  Join the DoPeace site which is a community of, by and for volunteers with The Peace Alliance, the Student Peace Alliance and the Campaign for a U.S. Department of Peace. We come together to celebrate, support and foster effective and FUN citizen-based peace activism.



Humanitys Team

Humanity’s Team is a spiritual movement whose purpose is to communicate and implement the belief that we are all one, one with God and one with life, in a shared global state of being, so that the behavior of humanity may shift to reflect this understanding. To celebrate the International Day of Peace Humanitys Team offer you

5 Steps to Peace : Humanity's Team is a Global grassroots movement embodying oneness with a profound respect for cultural diversity and responsibility for all of life. We are dedicated to raising consciousness through living our life with purpose, being a loving presence, and serving through authentic leadership. As Spiritual Activists, we are united in our passion to awaken society to oneness as a community of joyful, loving, peaceful and harmonious beings. By our conscious use of the 5 Steps to Peace and our involvement in local and global good works, we pledge to change the face of humanity in one generation. Peace will be attained when we, as human beings... 

CLICK HERE to Read The 5 Steps to Peace


Humanity’s Team helped create the first annual global Oneness Day -- 24 October 2010 Please help us also create a tipping point - Sign the Declaration of Oneness



  Wico International

The  Women's International Coalition for peace, non violence and empowerment of Women are creating Centres for Peace, culture and Non-Violence in cities in the world beginning in Oakland USA rolling out to other countries. Visit WICO peace day page  here





  Vivid Life Voice 0,000,003,840  
VividLife.me is an online inspirational resource center designed to help visitors all over the world in living their ultimate life. VividLife will connect you to the most current, optimistic and inspiring stories, news and research that pertain to opening your mind: eliminating “no’s”, “can-not’s” and “impossibles” and empowering you to achieve your ultimate life. Whether through reading articles, watching inspiring video, or listening to enlightening radio interviews, visitors will have no shortage of media on VividLife.



the eaupening.jpg 


The Eaupening (opening) is bringing light to all that is good in the world. They are in pursuit of the creation of a new business system founded upon integrity, transparency and communication. You can find out more about how to co-create this new future by visiting Stock Harmony.

Alliance for Awakened Humanity 

The Alliance For An Awakened Humanity was founded in 2008 by Ian Paul Marshall. It was his goal that the Alliance would be a central place of Oneness to join together active and committed people who were agents of change and were involved in the process of co-creating a world worthy of us all. MISSION The Alliance For An Awakened Humanities Mission is:  * To give birth to the Ambassadors of the next stage of our human evolution. * To inspire individuals to become powerful forces of change and transformation within their own sphere of influence. * To show the world, by our own example, its own greatness.* To use the power of our own thoughts to create the world of our dreams. * To be radiant beacons and expressions of love. * To be conscious points of oneness working in harmony with each other and this beautiful planet for the greater good of all.



GPFF logo 105x66.jpg


  8thAnnual Global Peace Film Festival ~ September 20 - 25 , 2011 Street Fair and Pet Parade   www.peacefilmfest.org

Mission: The 8th Annual Global Peace Film Festival, originated in Central Florida, is a celebratory event and a place to honor those who promote global and community awareness of peace and environmental sustainability through the most powerful form of communication in our world today. It draws together filmmakers and filmgoers from all walks of life into a community of people inspired to take action in their daily lives to leave the world a more peaceful place than they found it.


hawaii peaceday pde.jpg 
Hawaii Event
Honokaa, Hawaii hosts the most significant Peace Day event in the state of Hawaii, and the only event of its kind nationwide, a parade and festival demonstrating unity in support of peace, compassion and awareness of interdependence.

Sunday, Sept 20 
Parade 12:00noon-1:00pm  Festival 1:00pm-4:00pm

Performers include:

Saturday, Sept 19 3:00pm-6:00pm
Event Co-ordinator:
CATHERINE TAULTON Voice 0,000,003,536



SPECIAL THANKS to those without this event and website would not be possible:
EMILY WEST SADLER "Vitrtual Assistant Goddess"  Voice 0,000,008,123 "I would like to personally thank Emily for outstanding service, work and support with our website, pr and media." - lynne hazelden , Founder planting Seeds & The Kind Foundation - PEACE in OUR Lifetime initiative.
CHRISTOPHER PENTON - www.cpsystems.co.uk  (Free Webhosting and Email Accounts) "Chris has been a rock last and this year, always there at the end of the phone, immediately sorting problems at the light of speed.. Professional efficient service and simply the best hosting company i have found that treats you as real person in a friendly manor and  has been a privillege to have met. CPsystems.co.uk have sponsored our work for free for the last few years and so, I can not thank you enough" - lynne hazelden , Founder planting Seeds & The Kind Foundation - PEACE in OUR Lifetime initiative


with DAVID HAZELDEN (website design) - www.chestnutsridingschool.co.uk   Voice 0,000,001,000  "Whilst David may be my nephew, he basically made all this possible. I had a crazy idea and he built the website from scratch and programmed the peace certificate which is unique and made it all possible. He is a bit of a whizz developer having won awards from nintendo as a young lad. Whilst he is not really in the IT business now and doing things he loves working hard at my brothers riding school now in the open air, he is always there to lend a hand. We simply would not have a peace initiative at all .. so thanks Dave" big hug, Anty Lynne ;) " - - lynne hazelden , Founder Planting Seeds & The Kind Foundation - PEACE in OUR Lifetime initiative.


JOHN EVERETTE - PEACE DAY POSTER DESIGN " WOW what a poster! Thanks to John for his patience and fast work, especially in asking for endless versions of our gorgeous poster we stand behind. Which was meaning it has been ever changing , needing updating logos to honour each and every organisation and person standing with us. It is so beautiful and a major part of promoting all our work." - lynne hazelden, Founder Planting Seeds & The Kind Foundation - PEACE in OUR Lifetime initiative 

HEATHER DALBERG & TENZIN - TKWEB - IT, MEDIA and SUPPORT with just about anything! Voice 0,000,006,589 "Can't thank Heather & Tenzin enough for their oustanding commitement to supporting all people who are working to make a difference with they time, resources and being there whenever i ask. They truly give their heart to their work finding the right people for the job to help out!!" - lynne hazelden Founder PEACE in OUR Lifeitme initiatve



Yoko Ono ~  Imagine Peace Voice 0,000,000,006  

Michael Kwan ~ International Day of PEACE Voice 0,000,003,771

Shane Traviss ~ Vivid Life Radio Voice 0,000,003,840

Jared Akema Ondenki ~ CEPACT Kenya  Voice 0,000,000,926

Paul Polak ~ D-Rev  Voice 0,000,000,

Lance Laifer ~ Madness Against Malaria Voice 0,000,000,510 

Michael Alperstein - Lightworkers World  Voice 0,000,005,579

Univision  Uni Visions Connector  Voice 0,000,000,6938

Steven  Wave 11 11  Voice 0,000,000,6,330




 Walt FreeseBen & Jerrys Voice 0,000,002,318      

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Lynne Hazelden has sadly passed this week.

Dear Friends,
                    sadly I have to announce that Lynne Hazelden (founder of Peace in our Lifetime, The Kind Foundation, and Planting Seeds) has lost her long fight with cancer on the afternoon of December 3rd.

Lynne's Funeral will be held a week on Monday, on the 16th December at 2pm.
The service will be at the Worthing Crematorium.

All are welcome. Instead of flowers we would prefer you donate to Lynne's YesToLife page at


This will carry on the amazing work they do to support people like Lynne. I'm sure she would approve.
We're not sure of the venue yet to raise a glass to Lynne's Memory but will let you know ASAP.

Please help us by sharing this status to let everybody know.

You will be missed by many, your ideas and beliefs were one of a kind, and I will carry on supporting this project in your honour.



Rest in Peace Auntie

David Hazelden



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