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PEACE DAY 21st SEPT 2009




We are Supporting www.peaceoneday.org

Make A Commitment  CLICK HERE

Join the Nobel Laureates ~ Global Call to Action ~ A Billion Simple Acts of PEACE

To Join or Find out More~ Listen Here!

 The Eaupening ~  WICO International
M.A.D.E: 'Make A Difference Everyday’
Invite YOU to JOIN US on
SEPTEMBER 21st 2009

To Our

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Live MUSIC Web Events From  

"We're all unique and see the world differently and yet,
we are ONE VOICE standing together for Peace"
         Tony Moore               Heather Cairncross        Sarah Jane Morris    Shawn Gallaway     
      John Young.jpg
 Mike Lindup ~ Level 42                                        John Young
   Steve Balsamo           Antonio Forcione           Aldo Brizzi             
       Reis                       Xander Nichting 
In support of PEACE ONE DAY'S 
Extraordinary work!
To Establish a New Era of PEACE.
WE ARE All Uniting and Inviting All People


 We invite You to Mark, Create and Take a STAND Globally for PEACE. To Celebrate with us together FREELY & UNIQUELY as ONE VOICE in Your Own Way ~The Global Ceasefire between All United Nations Countries. To acknowledge All people who bring peace to the world, this day.


 WE are creating this Global United Party on September 21st as a time and place to Celebrate all that is for peace. We wish to thank each person for the unseen work which you do everyday and the extraordinary kindness, compassion and love that YOU bring to world, sometimes in the face of very difficult and challenging circumstances. To acknowledge all that you do independently in your own life. collectively within groups, organizations, NGO's and business which brings our world into alignment for Harmony restoring dignity for Humanity and all we share this gorgeous planet with.


"We Declare A Day of Thanks & Gratitude"



 As part of this celebration, we ask You to also arrange a party, musical event, fair, gathering, small or large from lighting a candle to time with your family, or simply take a moment to sit in nature and with all that you love with your friends. We also ask you to consider how you can bring peace to your life now.
On this DAY, in 2007 in Afghanistan, through the efforts of Peace One Day, 1.4 million children were immunised for Polio. We wish people to be aware of this and the great work of all our partners and indivduals work for peace. We will honour the part of humanity that is working towards harmony with others, creating a better world and thank the extraordinary stand billions of people will take this day to allow a peaceful planet to pause and let love and peace grow. This day, we step beyond cultural boundaries, race and religion in partnership - in your homes, communities and our countries hold hands and bring peace for one day.

We will be announcing musical events around the world with artistes for peace which you can watch live on the internet from key locations that we have created to bring song to our hearts. We invite all musicians, artistes and peace makers to create events where people can celebrate this incredible day. We invite you to add Your Voice, uniting all causes, all people, all cultures, nations, all beliefs and Non-belief and Be counted. Please collect and post your very own personalized, free Peace Voice certificate as an acknowledgment of your stand for peace. Why not post your peace certificate on your website / blog? Or, take to a local printing company and wear it on a T-shirt.


Especially PEACE ONE DAY
For this Day of PEACE
Founded by peace pioneer Jeremy Gilley
Who is PEACE in OUR Lifetime,
Voice 0,000,000,278

WE are ONE VOICE for  

Nature ~ Humanity ~ Environment



Lynne Hazelden     (Founder) Peace in OUR Lifetime
Voice 0,000,000,001

Dawn Engle             (Co- Founder)
Peace Jam 
Voice 0,000,000,780

Adena Lavine          (Director)
Voice 0,000,003,162

Dr Dalia Stiener       (Founder & Int. President)
WICO Int'l
Voice 0,000,003,385

Marcia Johnson       (President)
Voice 0,000,001,274

Carl Van Haght        (Founder) M.A.D.E
Voice 0,000,002,929



UK Event:


7:30pm @ The Bedford, London, SW12 9HD. MAP


Click here to get your FREE tickets


Artistes performing at the UK event:


STEVE BALSAMO  Voice 0,000,000,525

MIKE LINDUP  Voice 0,000,003,497 

JOHN YOUNG Voice 0,000,003,872

ANTONIO FORCIONE  Voice 0,000,003,920 

TONY MOORE   Voice 0,000,003,127

SARAH JANE MORRIS  Voice 0,000,000,463

XANDER NICHTING  Voice 0,000,003,732

HEATHER CAIRNCROSS  Voice 0,000,000,005 

DAVID NEWTON  Voice 0,000,000,00 

CHRIS HILL Voice 0,000,000,

SHAWN GALLAWAY Voice 0,000,000,433



Event Co-ordinators:  

TONY MOORE   & Host  Voice 0,000,003,127

 RACHEL RILEY  Voice 0,000,000,002




Brazil Event

@ Teatro Casto Alves ~

Brazil Ministry of Culture



Artistes performing at the Brazil event:

REIS Voice 0,000,003,883

ALDO BRIZZI Voice 0,000,003,826 



Event Co-ordinator:

EDGAR GABRIEL Artist Management/ Liason  Voice 0,000,002,376







USA Events


Peace Jam

Our Co-Partners for the "Global United Party for Peace"

Peace Jam YOUTH known as "JAMMER's"

Hosted their Own Main Event for Peace JAM in Boulder near Denver Head Office Along with Many Youth "Jammer's" all over the world, who also put on 'Peace Jam' inspired Peace Day Events.


Betty WIlliams, one of the 10 PEACE JAM Nobel Laureates said of Our Partnership 

Betty Williams, Nobel Laureate  ~ "I encourage everyone around the globe to recognize and celebrate International Day of Peace on September 21st. This is a day to honor all of those groups and people who work for peace everyday, all year long. I am a member of the PeaceJam Foundation and we are excited to be supporting Peace In Our Lifetimes' "Global United Parties for Peace" in cities around the world and the United Nation's annual global cease fire. Until everyday is Peace Day, it is important that we do all we can to create a safe and just world -- we owe this to children across the globe."



BETTY WILLIAMS is Acknowledged & Featured in the Amazing Nickleback's Video below  ~ Please Watch this!




VISIT theNobel Laureates PEACEJAM Initiative website ~ CLICK HERE! ~

A Billion simple Acts for peace in service projects to the world. 

Find out about Programs you can bring to your town anywhere in the world, created by the Nobel Laureates to create the next generation of peacemakers and to bring non violence and peace skills to your Youth ~ from Kindergarten to Teenagers.

You can listen to our Interview with co-founder, Nobel Nominee 2007 Dawn Engle and her son Brett Engle CLICK HERE!



2) ~ US Peace in OUR Lifetime Event @ Marin Brewing Company

Larkspur, California 

Big Thank You to All involved &
All who performed for Peace DAY and

Especially to

ARMIN WINTER (JGB)  voice 0,000,000


Event Co-ordination: RACHEL RILEY~ MAIN SL GLOBAL/ All Events Co-Ordinator for Peace in OUR Lifetime ~ Voice 0,000,000,002

With Holly Stephey  RED VELVET MEDIA for  Artist Liason, Promotion and Location Co-ordinator

Thank you H2O Water, Sponsor of providing PEACE themed bottled water







@ The Molly Malone's Irish Bar

 8pm-11pm (Local time)


This event will be presented at the border of
Virtual Holland Business and Virtual Rotterdam



Tim Anadyr Voice 0,000,00

Aurora Voice 0,000,00
Metaluna, Voice 0,000,00

Yip Jannings, Voice 0,000,00

Moon Spark Voice 0,000,00

& many more


Event Co ordinator:


RACHEL RILEY~ MAIN SL GLOBAL/ All Events Co-Ordinator for Peace in OUR Lifetime ~Voice 0,000,000,002
with Kees Draab, aka Kaycee Drayman in Second Life

Jootje Mastenbroek-Dobber, aka JoJa Dhara Voice 0,000,004,133







Canada Events: 


Hamilton Ontario ~ PYRATES FOR PEACE ~
@ Dundurn Park, York Blvd,
 Pyrates and drum for peace with a drumming circle led by
EDD SCORPIO  Voice 0,000,003,905
Event Co-ordinator:
SEIKA GROVESof Pyrate Image Voice 0,000,002,872




On Peace Day, the peaceful community of Tofino showcases itself as a unique Canadian community with a history of effective peaceful protest. This event is a free concert with public speaking on Peace.


12pm to 9pm@ Tofino Village Green, BC. MAP

 Please click here for further information


Artistes performing at Peace Day Tofino:
Trinitude Celtic Flavoured Roots  Voice 0,000,000 
Sid Johnson with the Adamantines  Voice 0,000,000
Jon Bone with the Karuna Movement  Voice 0,000,000


Event Co-ordinator:


JOHN WYNNE Voice 0,000,003,676






Hawaii Event
Honokaa, Hawaii hosts the most significant Peace Day event in the state of Hawaii, and the only event of its kind nationwide, a parade and festival demonstrating unity in support of peace, compassion and awareness of interdependence.

Sunday, Sept 20 
Parade 12:00noon-1:00pm  Festival 1:00pm-4:00pm

Performers include:
Chicago's Jesse White Tumblers, Honokaa HS Jazz Band, Musasa African Marimba, Uncle Boogie, alternative rockers Red Light Taxi, Hui Okinawa Taiko, the Hongwanji Bon Dancers, Beamer-Solomon Halau O Po'ohala and possibly poetry slammers, belly dancers and a bboy breakdance group from Puna

Saturday, Sept 19 3:00pm-6:00pm
Entertainment: "ART4Peace" sidewalk art contest by Mar Ortaleza (Abled Hawaii Artists).  Sacred Women's Drum Circle of Pahoa, Pacific Buddhist Academy Taiko Ensemble, Pawnee/Iruska Native American drummers from Oklahoma.  That evening, in concert, Native American motivational speaker for youth Brian Frejo, with brother Quese IMC and their hip hop crew Culture Shock Camp.  
Event Co-ordinator:
CATHERINE TAULTON Voice 0,000,003,536





Our in world  ~ Peace in OUR Lifetime "Global United Party for PEACE"
Find out more about the Many Events in '3D' World Second Life  CLICK HERE
Our Peace in OUR Lifetime MAIN LONDON EVENT

Kindly DONATED and made possible by Tony Moore from The Bedford, London's SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dublin/81/81/25

was Live Streamed for us into a MUSIC URL:

@ BLARNEY STONE which is The Bedford's Own Weekly LIVE  Music Venue

Kindly Donated by ~ Synthetyc Summer, owner of Simplicity Island 
Great Thanks to Holly Stephey,
Red Velvet Media for finding this, promotion support and the Wish Tree

We Extend A Very BIG Thank You to ALL the Many FANTASTIC Performers from All over the World who performed live Free and for Your help in Promoting Awareness of Peace Day!
Event Co-Ordinators ~

RACHEL RILEY~ MAIN SL GLOBAL/ All Events Co-Ordinator/ PR in world for Peace in OUR Lifetime ~Voice 0,000,000,002

TONY MOORE    London ~ Event Manager/ Production The Bedford ~ Voice 0,000,003,127
Thanks also to You for All of your Great support to Rachel Riley for venue Co-ordination in world and promo in collaboration with Holly Stephey of  RED VELVET MEDIA for the main Peace Venue location and supporting promotions  Voice: 0,000,003,665 and EDGAR GABRIEL Liason for the NAG SL Venue Location for Brazil and Other Artistes Voice 0,000,002,376  Along with the lovely SLIMMIE for In-world and LIVE Media coverage on the day with Rachel.



South Africa Event

@ Venue The Harley Club ~


You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! Perhaps your browser cannot display it, or maybe it did not initialise correctly.

Artistes performing at the South Africa event:

Event Co-ordinator:


CARL VAN HAUGHT Voice 0,000,002,929




Jerusalem Event



The Children at the YMCA PEACE Pre-School

will sing together and celebrate peace day!


Event Co-ordinator:

ADENA LAVINE Voice 0,000,003,162





Event Co-ordinators:
MARCIA JOHNSON Voice 0,000,001,274
in partnership with ~
VERONICA CIANDRE Voice 0,000,000,509 
South Africa
, Nairobi, Zomba, Tanzania, Malawi
Julie Gunn voice 0,000,003,898
Wanjikuc Croy  voice 0,000,003,899
21- 26th September - Africa with Spirit of Unity Project
The Peace Videos will be show and the children will be invited to join in a gratitude dance
South Africa
Capetown - Christell House School
Johannesburg -
Zomba - University of Malawi (music dept)
Lilongew - Bishop Mackenzie School
Tanzania Dare s salaam - Univerisity of Tanzanii (Music Dept)
 Women's International Coalition for Peace, Non Violence & Empowerment of Women
On behalf of WICO org. a Prayer for "International Peace Day" Sep. 21.2009 ( 24 hours around the world)
By Reverend Doctor Lynn McClintock , USA
Peace for all
Reverend Doctor Lynn McClintock
O Source of Light and Life:
As all peoples of the earth, we join together in the name of peace.
Not in the name of one religion, or another.
Not in the name of one country or another.
Not in the name of one race or another.
Or in the name of one political ideology, or a second or a third...
As all peoples, united with the same hope on our lips:
Peace for All
O Great One, Friend of the Suffering:
We hold in our hearts those who sacrifice their lives because of their commitment to justice.
We speak their names boldly and never forget our sisters and brothers who have stood against oppression.
Protect leaders who are risking their lives for the common good.
May we all, inspired by their example, be made bold to do the hard work of peace:
To listen when we would rather tell our view
To collaborate instead of pushing our own agendas
To embrace humility of spirit when we would rather make a name for ourselves
To find creative solutions to complex problems and not shy away from obstacles
To empower our young people, providing places at decision-making tables...welcoming the challenges they pose even to those who work alongside them for justice
To not give up even when our many plans, projects and initiatives do not take root the first time, or the second or the third...

O True Wisdom:
If we truly believe that peace is possible in our lifetime, then work first within us
That we might be truly peacemakers in every aspect of our lives
Understanding that peace is not simply the absence of war
But also an abundance of food, equality, security, health, education, and a prosperity that benefits all.
As all peoples,
may we transform a world charmed by profit, power and proliferation
into a world where even
the oldest grandmother and the most vulnerable baby
the healthiest athlete and the most disease-ridden beggar
the educated and the mentally-challenged
the victim and the perpetrator..
will know that their lives are precious,
that they will live in abundance,
that they will know peace.






Peace In Our Lifetime

PLEASE Collect Your Peace Voice Certificate and post it! Please do offer it on your websites, blogs as they are free. You will  find links to OUR Peace Partners and Pioneers.


Peace Jam

Register Your project or initiative, big or small on the Nobel Laureates website to bring A Billion simple Acts for peace in service projects to the world. Find out about Programs you can bring to your town anywhere in the world, created by the Nobel Laureates to create the next generation of peacemakers and to bring non violence and peace skills to your Youth ~ from Kindergarten to Teenagers. You can listen to our Interview with co-founder, Nobel Nominee 2007 Dawn Engle and her son Brett Engle by clicking here ~

Peace One Day

Make You Commitment to the day on their website and find out more about how this Day was created. Find out about the Schools Education packs and programs Peace ONE DAY are bringing to every child in the UK & USA to learn how to create peace in their lives. Please click here to listen to our Interview with Jeremy Gilley Founder of Peace One Day ~



Find out about the Jerusalem PEACE PRE-SCHOOL which allows children of all religions to COEXIST for the last 25 yrs learning to step beyond all that divides us whilst honoring our cultural differences. This is a point of light that brings the culture of love into focus and children learn to understand that we are able to live in peace as they simply grow up without the boundaries we grew up with. Be Inspired. Listen to our Interview with Adena Lavine CEO of YMCA PEACE PRE-SCHOOL


Wico International

The  Women's International Coalition for peace, non violence and empowerment of Women are creating Centres for Peace, culture and Non-Violence in cities in the world beginning in Oakland USA rolling out to other countries.



M.A.D.E  Make A Difference Everyday - A peace initiative where you choose to make a commitment and express that everyday. To be part of and recognized as a global community in action. You can wear a small flag of peace which symbolizes you surrender to making a difference everyday.



The Eaupening (opening) is bringing light to all that is good in the world. They are in pursuit of the creation of a new business system founded upon integrity, transparency and communication. You can find out more about how to co-create this new future by visiting Stock Harmony.



(You can be added)




Carl Van Haught ~ M.A.D.E Voice 0,000,002,929

Shane Traviss ~ Vivid Life Radio Voice 0,000,003,840

Rob Cipriano ~ Beyond Borders TV Voice 000,000,

Jared Akema Ondenki ~ CEPACT Kenya  Voice 0,000,000,926

Dave McCOY ~ Unleash Voice 0,000,000,545

Lance Laifer ~ Madness Against Malaria Voice 0,000,000,510

Paul Polak ~ D-Rev  Voice 0,000,000,

Seika ~ Pyrates 4 Peace- Voice 0,000,002,872



Walt FreeseBen & Jerrys Voice 0,000,002,318 


James Twyman ~ The Moses Code Voice 0,000,000,434  

Veronica Ciandre ~ Redefining the Dream Voice 0,000,000,509 


Deremiah CPEBabushka Happy! Voice 0,000,003,611  

Yaron Fishman  ~ MyPeace.TV Voice 0,000,003,339   

Ian Paul Marshall ~ Alliance for Awakened Humanity Voice 0,000,002,452 

Mark Moffit ~  Beyond The Secret DVD Voice 0,000,003,177 

Dr Lisa Love Beyond the Secret book Voice 0,000,003,106


Thomas Zweifel ~ Author Culture Clash Voice 0,000,000,521  

Holly Stephey ~ Red Velvet Media Voice 0,000,000,3,665 

Yoko Ono ~  Imagine Peace Voice 0,000,000,006  
Sue Thompson  ~ Global Peace Rally  Voice 0,000,000,886 

Nick Ralls ~ The Face of Love Voice 0,000,000,007
David Klamp ~ Sewing Seeds of Love Voice 0,000,002,703
Malcolm Buchanan Dick ~ Pure Lure Voice 0,000,000,000
Michael Kwan ~ International Day of PEACE Voice 0,000,003,771


Culture of PEACE 

International Day of PEACE

IED ~ Enabling Prosperity

The Peace Alliance 

Peace in the Water 

We Humbly, Thank you for your Support and Request You promote this to the Media with us.

Lynne Hazelden: lynne@planting-seeds.com

Marcia Kearl Johnson: mjohnson@eaupening.com

CONTACT Us or one of our partners to join in!
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