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Artist for Peace Profile: Steve Balsamo

Steve Balsamo 1.jpg

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Steve is an outstanding a singer/ songwriter known for his incredible, emotional and dramatic performance playing Jesus in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s West End Success and renown musical ~ 'Jesus Christ Superstar' in London. His voice is one that comes from the soul and will stir you to the core.

He has since written in many diverse styles for the likes of Meat Loaf to Classic Crossover pieces such as Per Sempre sang by Anthony Callea  If you check out his myspace you will find an amazing range of work from clips of 'Immortal' from Edgar Poe’s ‘ More Tales of Mystery and Imagination’ The musical composition by Eric Woolson as part of The Alan Parson’s Project'. Steve is also involved with other many collaborations with including I/O Earth, Chimpana, Tina McGraf, Nik Kershaw, writing for many other artistes and performing with the prestigious group of artistes that form ‘The Choir'.

Steve has much new work evolving and is probably one of the most exciting singer songwriters of our time ~ quietly in the background simply getting on with his passion.  If this was not enough, his talent was noticed and admired by Sir Elton John writing with his own band, ‘The Storys’ who were asked to tour with him. Currently creating a new solo album and new work about to be released with The Storys ~ whilst also touring worldwide as a ‘Rock Dude’ with Jon Lord (Deep Purple). Videos of all this can be found on his Myspace page. ENJOY!

"Peace in OUR Lifetime can not thank Steve enough for being the first artist to commit to this event without hesitation and making sure we had a venue. His huge heart is known by many, but his support throughout this year has not only been the source of the whole event happening, but one of great friendship"  We love you Steve ~ Lynne Hazelden.

Talking about the 'Global United Party For Peace', Steve has said:


“I am really looking forward to performing at  'Peace In Our Lifetimes' London 'Global United Party For Peace' event. To mark and celebrate a day when human beings lay down our weapons as a conscious choice is important. I'm honoured to be communicating this important message through music.”

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